Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows

Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows
August 10, 2017 Comments Off on Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows Vinyl Graphics admin

Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows

We can all day that vehicles look pretty stylish with tinted windows. However, there are many good reasons to tint your vehicle’s windows. Window tinting is a great option whether you want added privacy, to stay cooler or to gain some added protection for your car.

Here are some reasons to tint your windows:

Reduce Heat

Window tinting reduces heat in vehicles up to 70% because it blocks thermal rays that overheat your car interior. No more worrying about being slow-cooked in your driver’s seat because of your cat overheating in the sun. With tinted windows, you’ll be able to drive comfortably without blasting the AC and wasting gas and energy.

Reduces Sun Exposure

We all know the danger of UV rays to our bodies. We spend a lot of time in our cars, but for some reason, the average person doesn’t think UV exposure counts on the road. You can either slather on the sunscreen before getting behind the wheel or choose a UV blocking window tint. Another benefit is that tinted windows block glare from the sun from blinding you while driving. Glare from a half-set sun is distracting, and while you fumble with the flip-down mirror/shade you’re running the risk of an accident. Aside from protection for yourself, tinting also blocks UV rays from harming your interior. Over time this makes a significant difference in the value of your vehicle because vehicles with tinted windows have fewer cracks in leather and less fading on dashboards. 

Protect Your Stuff

While not designed for vehicle security, window tint adds an extra layer of protection between the inside of your vehicle and the outside. When windows are tinted, the glass is typically harder to break and broken glass remains in one solid piece attached to the film. If you have a car thief, they probably don’t have enough time on their hands to wrestle with a sheet of shattered glass and window film. If your glass shatters during an accident, window tinting also reduces the likelihood of sharp pieces cutting an occupant. The adhesive in window tint may result in fewer loose pieces of glass after the window is broken.

Add Privacy

Privacy is an issue for many vehicle owners. Depending on the level of tint, the ability for a driver to see inside the vehicle’s windows is greatly lowered. Tinted windows prevent unwanted views into your back seats and side windows. If you need to hide valuables or protect your neighbors from your child’s lewd gestures, window tinting keeps your business private. That being said, every state has different laws on how much window tinting you can have. Calling a professional will keep your vehicle legal and looking cool!

So the next time you think of vehicle window tinting, remember it isn’t just for looks. Consider all the functional benefits of window tinting – though it is pretty functional when it comes to looking cool. Call Underground Wraps for a quote today!