Vehicle Wrap FAQ

Vehicle Wrap FAQ
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Vehicle Wrap FAQ

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is made of an adhesive backed vinyl. These wraps can be anything from simple graphics to complete wraps. Custom wraps are designed to best represent your businesses branding requirements. With hundreds of colors, finishes and design capabilities, your creative opportunities are endless.

Will a vehicle wrap damage my paint?

A vehicle wrap will not damage your vehicle, but a sub-par installation can. If you vehicle has a damaged painted surface under the vinyl, then there could be problems if you were to want to remove your vinyl. For smooth painted surfaces, vinyl should be able to be removed without harming the underlying paint. Plus, a high quality vinyl installation will protect the surface of your vehicle from rock chips and debris.

How long can my vehicle wrap last?

Much like paint, the longevity of your vinyl depends on how well it is cared for, the amount of daily stress it encounters, and the cleaning and upkeep of the owner. With proper care, your wrap has the possibility of lasting a long time.

Can my vinyl wrap be removed?

Wraps are not permanent, which is a huge advantage. You will not need to buy a new vehicle or go over an existing design when your taste/business changes. If you want to refresh the look of a vehicle you love or change up your businesses brand, wraps can come off cleanly without damaging your vehicle, preserving the paint and its resale value.

How do I take care of my vinyl wrap?

Make sure your vehicle is clean as much as possible. With regular hand washing, or touch free car washes, your vehicle will be clean of contamination that can result in stains or damage to the wrap. You can use standard car wash soaps, detail sprays, and wax on gloss finishes. Wax, polish, or detail spray should not be used on matte or satin finishes as it will damage to the vinyl’s sheen.


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