Featuring Avery Dennison Material

Featuring Avery Dennison Material
January 9, 2018 Comments Off on Featuring Avery Dennison Material Vinyl Graphics admin

Take Your Wraps To The Next Level

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions unleashed a bunch of new products at the 2017 Sema showcase and we have them! The Supreme Wrapping Film features the durability of Avery Dennison films in glossy metallic colors.


  • •   SW 900 Gloss, satin or matte, super conformable film
  • •   SW 900X Extreme Textures includes Carbon Fiber and Brushed Metallic
  • •   Unique patented adhesive technology
  • •   Superior conformability to irregular substrates o Deeply concave shaped
    •        o   Extremely convex shaped
    •        o   Best conformance in channels
  •        o   Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
  • •   Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance
  • •   SW 900 custom colors available (contact your sales representative)
  • •   Easy Apply feature helps prevent wrinkles and bubbles during application
  • •   Excellent removability



Up To 12 Years

Common Applications:

Trucks ● Trailers ● Cars & Vans ● Emergency Vehicles ● Buses


“Creative. Confident. Resilient. That’s the spirit of True Grit and the inspiration behind four commanding new colors full of character and made of pure energy, with a golden metallic effect. “


Magnetic Burst





rose gold


The leader in style with performance and versatility, learn how you can get an Avery Dennison Wrap on your vehicle today! Contact Underground Wraps and discuss your options with us! High qualityhigh-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure with car wrap advertising, van wrap and even larger-sized trailer, truck, or bus wraps.