Category: Vehicle Wraps

Category: Vehicle Wraps

Rules For Effective Vehicle Wrap Design
Image June 21, 2018 Vehicle Wraps admin

So you have a vehicle and an idea, and now you need a design. But what exactly goes into an effective vehicle wrap design? Did you know most vehicle wraps fail from an advertising standpoint because of poor branding? With a lack of education and understanding of the medium, many businesses are not fully capitalizing

From Logo Design To Wrap Completion
Image May 29, 2018 Vehicle Wraps admin

At Underground Wraps, we offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs as a business owner. We are known for creating high quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps. With a vehicle wrap, you can maximize your advertising reach by making it move. However, before you can have an eye-catching vehicle wrap, you need an effective brand

Food Truck Season Is Here
Image April 27, 2018 Vehicle Wraps admin

Spring is in full gear and that can only mean one thing. It’s Food Truck season! Food Trucks are all the rage in Western New York and people flock to them to fill up on their signature dishes. From finding one parked near your office to visiting your local food truck rodeo, Food Trucks are

Strategic Branding With Vehicle Wraps
Image March 28, 2018 Vehicle Wraps admin

Stand out from the crowd. Everyone is looking for a way to strategically brand their business. However, what if you have to look no further than the vehicle you drive every day? Vehicle wraps allow you to maximize the area your advertising reaches. Perhaps you have seen a few on the road. A vehicle wrap

Top Wraps from 2017
Image December 18, 2017 Vehicle Wraps admin

What an amazing year for Underground Autosound and Underground Wraps. We’ve completed a lot of amazing projects. From simple graphics to complete wraps, we print vibrant, detailed graphics perfect for any business or even just for fun! Here are some of our favorites from 2017! January: February: March: April: May: June: July: August: September: October:

From Red To Black: The Only Option Is Perfection
Image October 4, 2017 Vehicle Wraps admin

Is Perfection the Only Option? Believe it or not, this Audi was red when we got it! Now thanks to material from Avery Dennison, this car has a new clean and sleek look. Sometimes a simple color change can make a big difference in the look of your vehicle. Avery Dennison vehicle wrapping films come

Carbon Fiber Wraps
Image September 5, 2017 Vehicle Wraps admin

Are you looking for a stylish option to change the look of your car? Carbon fiber wraps are great options that not only make your vehicle look awesome, but also add a customized shield of protection. What are Carbon Fiber Wraps? Carbon fiber is not a paint job, rather it is a blanket of color.

Vehicle Wrap FAQ
Image May 5, 2017 Vehicle Wraps admin

Vehicle Wrap FAQ What is a vehicle wrap? A vehicle wrap is made of an adhesive backed vinyl. These wraps can be anything from simple graphics to complete wraps. Custom wraps are designed to best represent your businesses branding requirements. With hundreds of colors, finishes and design capabilities, your creative opportunities are endless. Will a

Spring Makeover!
Image March 20, 2017 Vehicle Wraps admin

Spring Makeover! We gave the new Underground Autosound & Underground Wraps vehicle a little pre-spring makeover! Are you interested in customizing a vehicle for your business? Even simple designs will help you get noticed! Cover your vehicle with graphics, text, and images! Use cut vinyl and digital graphics to enhance your brand and stand out

We Wrap Food Trucks Too!
Image February 10, 2017 Vehicle Wraps admin

Since Lloyd began their food empire in 2010, the food truck scene in Buffalo has exploded. These trucks are elaborately decorated, offer high quality street food and, most importantly of all, they are mobile. With over 50 food trucks in the Buffalo area, you can find any treat you’re craving without going through a drive thru